Hazelbaker Lactation Institute

We are dedicated to training practitioners to provide high quality, evidence-based best practice, and cutting edge lactation services to families from all walks of life.

Dr. Alison Hazelbaker is pleased to announce the launch of the Hazelbaker Lactation Institute, an intensive clinical training program to prepare interns to take the IBLCE exam.  The principles of the Institute are:

  • We use physiology as our guiding principle to support the attainment of family breastfeeding goals
  • We train practitioners to the highest clinical and ethical standards
  • We bridge socioeconomic and cultural gaps
  • We maintain positive, constructive, ethical, and well-boundaried relationships within the Maternal-Child Health community
  • We provide a safe, positive, culturally respectful learning environment

(614) 326-3504    hazelbakerlactinst@gmail.com