Hazelbaker Lactation Institute

We are dedicated to training practitioners to provide high quality, evidence-based best practice, and cutting edge lactation services to families from all walks of life.

Interns need a place to practice and hone their skills. In order to do this, we have a low cost lactation clinic during which the interns see clients. The interns run the appointments, while Dr. Hazelbaker supervises, directly or indirectly depending on the intern’s skill level.  

The sessions involve a thorough history of both the mother and baby, finding out the mother's breastfeeding goals, observing and assessing a feed, examining the mother and baby, making a diagnosis of the problem(s), and making a care plan.  

The clinic sessions are one hour long, with follow up scheduled as needed. They cost $65 per hour. The initial appointment is generally 2 hours long, and follow-ups are generally 1 hour long. The clinic is by appointment only Monday through Thursday. Call the office to schedule at (614) 326-3504.

(614) 326-3504    hazelbakerlactinst@gmail.com